WebCheckout integration

WebCheckout integration lets your customers select the items they want to purchase in your shop and perform the payment in our Payment gateway (WebCheckout).

WebCheckout integration

You can include your company logo in our payment gateway, sending it via HTTP POST method.

How does the WebCheckout integration work?

The procedure to let your shoppers pay using PayU services is simple.

  1. Your customer navigates your site and selects the products or services they want to purchase. Your system updates the purchase amount and sends to our system the payment form with the purchase information.
    Your system must send this information via HTTP POST.

WebCheckout integration

  1. For the payment process, your customer is redirected to our Checkout where they can select the payment method.
    PayU supports many payment methods that fits to your customers’ needs according to the country where you process the purchase, see the available Payment Methods.

WebCheckout integration

  1. PayU processes the transaction and shows the result in our response page.

WebCheckout integration

  1. When you customer back to your page after the payment process, PayU redirects them to you Response page and sends the transaction results via HTTP GET. You need to process the response and show its information to your customer.

WebCheckout integration

  1. In parallel, PayU notifies the status of the transaction to the confirmation page via HTTP POST. Furthermore, PayU notifies to you and your customer the result of the transaction via e-mail.

WebCheckout integration


  • The coding of your page must be UTF-8.
  • The WebCheckout page should not be included in an iframe.
  • Do not mask the URL during the checkout process.
  • Do not use security certificates elliptic curve or those who have the suite of encryption TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA on your confirmation page.

Integration components

Refer to the following sections to learn how to integrate using WebCheckout integration.

Topics in this Section

Payment Form

With this HTML form, you can send the transaction request to our payment gateway along with the purchase information. Send the request using the HTTP POST method.

Response Page

The Response page is a mandatory page and lets you show the result of the transaction to the payer. Our system redirects the payer to this page once the transaction has been performed. The data with the payment results is sent to your system via HTTP GET method.
This page is invoked for all the transaction states: approved, rejected, in validation, awaiting payment (for cash), etc.

Confirmation Page

This page allows you to get system confirmations related with the transaction results. You can update your system’s inventories, orders, or databases. This page is not visible to the customer and its goal is to enable communication between systems. The data is sent via the HTTP POST method.
If the payer generates payment retries during the payment process, a confirmation page is generated for each transaction. This page is invoked for approved and rejected states.

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