Queries for transactions

Using the Queries feature, you can check the status of the placed orders along with their transactions.


Before using the Queries feature, take into account the following considerations:

  • It is recommended to use Queries for transactions in PENDING state.
  • According to the payment method, the time to perform the query may vary. Nevertheless, it is recommended to perform the first query seven minutes after the transaction is created.
  • Do not retry a query of a transaction when PayU indicates that the transaction does not exist.
  • Bank transfer transactions are only available every ten minutes.

Query criteria

To query transactions, PayU allows you to search by any of the following criteria:

  • Order Id: it is generated by PayU. Identifies the order in PayU system and is the main element where any movement is recorded (charges, retries, refunds, etc)
  • Transaction Id: PayU generates this identifier per each movement associated with an order (Order ID).
  • Reference Number: it is generated by the shop. Identifies the order or purchase in your system, PayU saves this value as you send it.

What’s next?

The integration with this feature can be performed using one of our integration types:

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