This guide outlines the steps to enable PayU on your Shopify website.


  • An active PayU Latam account.
  • A valid Shopify plan. Note that Checkout functionality is not available with trial plans. You can explore Shopify’s plans and pricing here.

Order management in Shopify

Take into account the following provisions when managing orders in Shopify:

  • All orders: Includes orders with the following 2 statuses:
    • Approved: Orders that are paid in full or partially.
    • Pending: Orders waiting to be completed when the customer returns to the store after processing a payment through the gateway.
  • Abandoned checkouts: Applies to processes that:
    1. Remained incomplete because the user could not complete the payment or abandoned the shopping site.
    2. Are marked as Rejected.
    3. Remain in a Pending state without the customer returning to the shopping site after payment processing through the gateway, this includes:
      3.1. Cash payments.
      3.2. Credit card payments that enter validation due to anti-fraud protection rules.

Setting up PayU as payment gateway

  1. Log in to your Shopify account and download the PayU Latam v2 app from the app store by clicking here and selecting Install.

  1. Select the store where you want to install the app, you’ll be redirected to the installation page, click on Install.


  1. Choose the desired environment for the app installation—either the Test Environment or the Production Environment. Then, input your Merchant ID and Account ID and select Save to confirm.

  1. You will be redirected to the Payments page, to enable the app, click on the Activate button located in the bottom right corner.

  1. Access your PayU Module, navigate to the Settings section, and click on Technical Settings. Enable the option called Control duplicate payments (Validate unique reference) to prevent issues during payment processing.

  1. From now on, PayU is set up as your payment processor, enabling you to kickstart your sales. With PayU’s Web Checkout, your customers can make purchases using various payment methods including cash, credit cards, and bank transfers, tailored to the country in which you’re conducting business.

Payment flow in Shopify

When you configure PayU as the payment gateway in your platform, your customers can proceed with payments as explained below:

  1. Your customer selects the desired product or service and adds it to their shopping cart.


  1. In the shopping cart, your customer proceeds to checkout.


  1. After providing their information, your customer clicks on Complete order to be redirected to PayU Latam for payment completion.


  1. Upon reaching our payment gateway, your customer can view the sale description and available payment methods specific to their country.


Last modified April 25, 2024: Documentation updates (8d96a15a)