Online Payments

With PayU, you can receive online payments made with credit cards, bank transfers, cash and more.

We provide a set of services and tools to let you receive payments, download reports, manage disputes and more.

Ideally suited for

  • All types and size of payments
  • Products and services across all categories
  • Businesses of any size or stage

Benefits of online payments

  • Increase your sales
    Expand the scope of your business by offering various payment methods.

  • Accept payments faster
    See an overview of all your transactions in our system. Consolidate and monitor your sales in the PayU module.

  • Multi-acquisition
    We are integrated with all processing networks, which can increase your approval rate by up to 5%.

How does PayU work?

To understand how PayU processes payments, it is important to understand two main concepts:

  • Order: an order in PayU is defined as the set of movements related to an online payment.
  • Transaction: any movement related to an order such as charges, retries, refunds, disputes, etc.

For example, a customer purchases a product using your web page, the customer pays using their credit card and the payment is approved and accepted by the customer’s bank; Then, the shop finds that they don’t have enough stock of this product and request a refund to PayU. PayU, approves the refund and the money is returned to the customer. In this case, the order was the purchase of the product, and this order has many transactions such as, the accept of the payment, the charge, the refund approval.

How to start using PayU?

When you want to integrate your commerce with PayU services and tools, you need to consider the following steps.

1. Create a PayU account

Create your PayU account free of charge. Contact us to support you through the process.

2. Select how you want to integrate with PayU services and tools.

According to your business needs, select how to integrate your shop with the PayU services and tools.

3. Perform tests

Verify that your integration works as expected.

4. Deploy to production

After you perform all the system testing and you have verified that everything is working properly, you can change to the production server, where the actual transactions are processed.


PayU provides the following services.

Lets your shop process different transaction types with multiple payment methods.

Lets you perform an intuitive and consumer-friendly authentication process to reduce the fraud avoiding the unauthorized usage of credit cards.
Applies only to Brazil and Colombia.

Lets you check the status of the transactions generated from placed orders.

Lets you safely store the data of your customers' credit cards through the creation of a token.

Lets you consult the valid promotions, along with their associate costs, characteristics, and further relevant information available for your customers.
Applies only to Argentina and Mexico.

Lets you request the cancellation and refund of the transactions paid with credit cards.

Lets you create multiple payments to third-party people using the funds in your PayU account.

PayU Tools

PayU provides the following tools to give you more options to sell and receive payments online.

Payment requests

Receive payments even if you don't have a web page.

Shopping cart plugins

Integrate your shopping cart solution with any of our available plugins.

PayU Module

Manage your PayU account, generate sales reports, query your account balance or transfer money to your bank account.


Manage the dispute processes generated in your PayU account.

Payment coupons

Send payment coupons to your customers, they can pay in the cash branches available.

Anti-fraud Guarantee

PayU offers the Anti-fraud Guarantee that protects merchants against the lost due to fraud transactions.

What’s next?

Topics in this Section

Getting Started

Setup your account, collect card details and accept your first payment.


Extend your integration with these solutions to get more options to sell and receive payments online.


PayU provides the following tools to give you more options to sell and receive payments online.


According to your business needs, select how to integrate your shop with the PayU services and tools.

Server Status

Know the current status of PayU Latam

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