Installments and Promotions - Argentina and Mexico

Promotions feature lets you consult the valid promotions, along with their associate costs, characteristics, and further relevant information available for your customers. Promotions API applies only to Argentina and Mexico.

What are Installments and Promotions

With Installments and Promotions, you can offer to your customer the possibility to buy your products paying in a determined number of installments with a reduced interest rate. Regardless of the number of installments selected by your customer, you will receive the full amount of the purchase minus the commission free agreed with PayU.

To perform the configuration of Installments and Promotions based on the agreements you have with bank entities, contact your sales representative.

How does Installments and Promotions works in PayU

To use promotions, you need to first consult the available promotions for your shop; then, select the promotion that fits to your needs and finally, send the payment request along with the promotion Id selected and the number of installments.

The following sequence of events explains better the promotions flow.

Promotions Flow

Months Without Interests (MSI - Meses sin intereses)

Months Without Interests (known in Mexico as Meses sin intereses) lets you offer to your customers the possibility to pay in a defined number of interest-free installments (3, 6, 9, 12, or 18). Unlike the promotions model, when using MSI you don’t need to query the promotion id.

To request the usage of MSI, contact your sales representative.

What’s next?

The integration with this feature can be performed using the Promotions API. To learn how to integrate with MSI, refer to this section.

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