PayU provides the following tools to give you more options to sell and receive payments online.

Topics in this Section

Payment Request

With payment requests generated from your PayU module, you can charge to your customers without having a website. To receive payments with this solution, all you need is an active account in PayU.

Shopping Cart Plugins

This tool lets you integrate your shopping cart solution with any of our available plugins.

PayU Module

The PayU module is the system where you can securely manage your account. In this module, you can change your password, get sales reports, find the data needed to integrate your website with our platform, use tools to receive payments and transfer money to your bank account.


Find all the information about the dispute module. This tool found in your PayU module, allows you to manage the dispute processes generated in your PayU account.

Payment Coupons

Through the Cash charges module, you can generate payment coupons with the necessary information to let your clients make cash payments as many times as they need in the available payment points.

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