Tokenization allows you to safely store the data of your customers’ credit cards through the creation of a token. This token lets you make regular charges or implement the 1 Click payment feature, following PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) security standards to handle credit card data.

To use the tokenization feature, you need to enable it in your PayU account. To do so, contact your sales representative:

How does Tokenization work?

Tokenization includes two separated processes:

Generate token

The first process lets you save the information of a credit card. This information is transformed into a token to let you use it later.

Make charges

After you have the information of a credit card stored in a token, you can use it to perform charges periodically according to your need and your customer does not have to provide the information of their credit cards whenever you require a payment.

Furthermore, the tokenization feature lets you store, remove or charge several credit carts by sending an file coded in Base64.

What’s next?

The integration with this feature can be performed using one of our integration types:

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