PayU Module

The PayU module is the system where you can securely manage your account. In this module, you can change your password, get sales reports, find the data needed to integrate your website with our platform, use tools to receive payments and transfer money to your bank account.

PayU module is ideal for business that need to:

  • Keep control of their stocks and sales performed through PayU.
  • Be updated with the information of their financial movements of their account.
  • Make requests to the support team about issues in their account.

Benefits of the PayU Module

PayU module provides the following benefits:

  • Keep track of your sales
    Find relevant information about your sales, the most used payment methods, and the hours with higher transaction rates.
  • Know your transactions.
    You can consult the movements in your accounts, generate statements and reports.
  • You don’t need a Web page
    You can use the tools to receive payments even if you don’t have a web page.

How to access the PayU module?

  1. Log in our web page
    Log into, at the top right corner, you find the option to log in. For merchants in Colombia, this option is called PayU Login.
    Alternatively, you can go directly to


  1. Enter the PayU module.
    Provide your credentials and enter your account. Here, you can use all the available options to manage your account.


For more information about how to use the PayU Module, refer to this section.

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