Technical Configuration

Find here all the details that help you to integrate your Website using any of the integrations we provide.

Getting Technical information

Regardless of the integration you use, you require the following variables in the request of the methods or in their parameters.

Merchant and account IDs

These values allows you to authenticate both your merchant and your account when using any of the integrations to use the services we provide.

When you log in your PayU module, both values are accessible in the left panel.


API key and API Login

  1. In the PayU module, click Settings and then select Technical configuration.


  1. In this window, you find both the API key and API Login which allows you to authenticate you commerce during the integration procedure.


Configuring technical information

In this section, you can configure the technical properties of each active account, such as:

  • URL settings for confirmation and response pages.
  • Enable the send e-mails to the buyer and to your store when a sale takes place.
  • Enable notifications for Disputes process.
  • Select if your payments are processed in test mode or live.

To configure this information, click Settings and then select Technical configuration.


In the Technical configuration window, you find two tab according to your needs: Payments or Disputes.



In this tab, you can configure the following information.


Parameter Description
Your payments are processed Select whether your transactions are processed In Production or In Test mode. When processing In Test mode, the transactions done through your website or through payment requests, are marked as a test and the payment is not real.
Response URL The page to which the buyer is direct once the transaction in PayU ends. This page displays the status of the transaction.
Confirmation URL The page to which PayU sends the payment confirmation to your system. This is useful when you want to update stocks and database once the transaction reaches its final state.
This parameter is not mandatory.
Control duplicate payments When enabling this option, We validate that each payment reference sent to our system is unique. Otherwise, you can send the same reference for all your sales.
Notifications of processed payments This option lets you enable the send of an e-mail to the payer or to you when the payment was approved or rejected.


In this tab, you can configure the following information of the dispute process.


Parameter Description
Notification e-mails Set the e-mail addresses to be notified when a dispute process has been started.
Automatic notification URL If you enable this option, you can set the URL to which PayU sends the notification of a dispute process.
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