Learn how to make refunds from a paid sale from the PayU module. A refund is made when you voluntarily decide to return the amount paid by your customer.

What is a refund?

A refund is the action to voluntary return the money paid by a customer when any of the following situations happen:

  • The product or service delivered does not met the expectations of the customer and they returned it.
  • The product is out of stock, anf the merchant is not able to deliver the product to the client.

Refund procedure

Refunds are subject to review and approval of our team. The procedure to request refunds is explained below:

  1. When a refund is requested by your customer, you need to request it using the PayU module. You just need to identify the order and provide a reason for refund.

  2. Once you send the request, PayU reviews it and this is approved or rejected in one to three business days.

Refund states

A refund can be in one of the following three states:

  • In return: the request has been sent to PayU for approval and it is under approval.
  • Approved: the request has been approved by a PayU’s customer service agent.
  • Declined: the request does not meet the policies defined by PayU and was rejected by an agent.

Permission required

To have access to this module, you need to have a profile with the following permission enabled:

  • Refunds and Chargebacks > List Refunds
  • Refunds and Chargebacks > Manage Refunds
    This permission allows you to perform refunds.

Refer to Profiles and Permissions for more information.


  • Refunds are only available for transactions paid with card.
  • You can retry the refund request if this was previously declined.
  • Once you make the request, the transaction amount becomes part of the Frozen Balance of your PayU account until it is processed.
  • In Chile:
    • Refunds for transactions processed by WebPay Plus are not supported.
    • For transactions prepaid cards not processed by WebPay Plus, Refunds requested during the first hour after their charge can be approved or rejected by the financial network. After the first hour, all the refund for transactions with prepaid cards are rejected.
    • If the refund is rejected, PayU shows the error code generated by the network.
    • Partial refunds for transactions using installments are received online but PayU processes them manually due to acquirer restrictions.
  • In Colombia, partial refunds are not available for international credit cards.
  • In Peru, partial refunds are supported for transactions without installments. Recall that transactions with one installment are considered as without installments. Partial refunds with visanet must be sent after one day.
  • If your refund request is approved, the amount is refunded to the card holder.
  • If your refund request is declined, the amount is released from the Frozen Balance and returns to the available Balance of your PayU account.
  • Once the refund is approved, this will be reflected in the payer’s credit card when the bank make it effective.
  • To check the status of your refund request, you can consult it by clicking the sale in the PayU Module.

Refunds per country

Take into account the following considerations per country before requesting refunds.

Time to send the refund Min amount. How long will take to the customer to get the money back? Accepts partial refunds?
Min. Max. Min. Max.
10 minutes
  • 357 days
  • 180 days (Partial refunds)
- 1 working day 30 working days
  • 10 minutes
  • 1 day (Partial refunds)
  • 82 or 172 days for cards*
  • 87 days for Pix
  • - 1 working day 15 working days
    10 minutes 172 or 327 days* 10 CLP 8 working days 20 working days
    10 minutes 357 days 100 COP 1 working day 30 working days
    10 minutes 40 or 175 days* - 1 working day 30 working days
    10 minutes 357 days - 1 working day 8 working days X
    10 minutes 357 days
    • 1 USD
    • 1 PEN
    15 working days 25 working days
    *Depends on the network.

    How to request a refund?

    To request a refund, the transaction must be approved and without any pending dispute process. Follow the next steps to request it.

    1. Log into your PayU account. In the left menu, expand the Transactions menu and select Sales Report.


    1. The Sales Report opens. Locate the transaction you want to refund and click it.


    1. The transaction details appear at the right of the screen, Click the Refund button at the end of the panel.


    1. If you need to request a partial refund, check the option Partial refund and provide the requested value.


    1. Provide the reason to request the refund (partial or total) and click Refund.


    1. The summary of the request appears. While PayU process the refund, the amount of the refund is frozen in your account. If the request is approved, the amount refunded is returned to the customer through the payment method used.


    1. Once the request has been approved, the status appears in the sale.


    Getting the refund confirmation

    When the refund has been approved, you can generate a receipt or send the confirmation to the payer. To do this, follow the instructions depending on the operation you want to perform.

    Generate the refund receipt

    To generate the refund receipt, locate the refunded sale and click the printer button located at the top right corner of the transaction details panel.


    The print options of your browser opens, here you may physically print it or save it in PDF. The following image corresponds to the print options of Google Chrome.


    Send the refund confirmation to the payer

    Along with the print feature, you can also send a confirmation email to payer informing the result of the refund. This option is located in the Actions section in the bottom of the transaction details panel.


    Once you click this button, the payer receives an email with the details of the refund.


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