Sell With PayU

Learn how to create tools to make sells using the PayU module without having a Web page.

Currently, e-commerce it’s no longer a taboo. Before, people used to think that selling online require a high technical knowledge and programming skills.

Nevertheless, beyond the knowledge, the key is to have the best allies and, mainly, use the best strategies that allows the growth of your product.

PayU offers the best payment gateway to help your shop sell online even if you don’t have a web page.

How to sell using PayU?

Through PayU Module, you have the tools to start selling online fast and easy, no matter if you don’t have a web page.

To sell with PayU, you just need an active account in the PayU Module and configure the tool to receive the payment.

What tools are available?

There are two options to create payments using the PayU Module:


Generate Payment requests which can be shared via email, chats, social networks, or included as a button for your webpage (if you own one).


Generate payment coupons and collection cards with the necessary information to let your clients make cash payments as many times as they need in the available payment points.

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