Extend your integration with these solutions to get more options to sell and receive payments online.

Topics in this Section


Payments feature lets your shop process different transaction types with multiple payment methods.

Queries for transactions

Using the Queries feature, you can check the status of the placed orders along with their transactions.


Tokenization allows you to safely store the data of your customers' credit cards through the creation of a token. This token lets you make regular charges or implement the 1 Click payment feature, following PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) security standards to handle credit card data.

Installments and Promotions - Argentina and Mexico

Promotions feature lets you consult the valid promotions, along with their associate costs, characteristics, and further relevant information available for your customers. Promotions API applies only to Argentina and Mexico (MSI - Meses Sin Intereses).

Voids and Refunds

This feature allows you to request the cancellation or the refund of the transactions authorized or charged. You can create the refund request using the Refund or Void method according to the status of the transaction.


This feature allows you to create multiple and secure third party payouts (users, merchants, providers, customers, etc.) using the funds you have in your PayU Account.

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