This type of integration allows your customer to select the items he wishes to purchase and at the time of purchase to be redirected to our payment gateway (webcheckout).

You can include your company logo on this page. Data exchange is via the HTTP POST method.

The developer in charge must have expertise integrating a dynamic programming language type like PHP, Java, etc.

Integration components  
1. Payment form
With this HTML form you send the transaction request to our gateway, including the purchase payment data, using the HTTP POST method.
2. Response page
It is a page that shows the result of the transaction to the payer. Our system will direct the payer to this page once the transaction is performed. The data with the payment results will be sent to your system via HTTP GET. This page is called with all states of transactions: approved, rejected, in validation, awaiting payment (for cash), etc. Having this page is mandatory.
3. Confirmation page
This page allows you to get system confirmations regarding transaction results. You can update your system's inventories, orders, or databases. This page will never be visible to the customer, since its goal is to enable communication between systems. The data are sent via the HTTP POST method. If the payer generates payment retries during the payment process, it will generate the confirmation page for each transaction. This page is only called for approved and rejected states. This page is not mandatory.
If you want to know how to integrate with Webchceckout click here.

How does the webcheckout integration work?  
01. The process starts when the customer comes to your site, selects the products or services he wishes to purchase and clicks to pay. Your system must add up the value of the purchase and send a payment form to our system through the HTTP POST method with some purchase data.

02. The customer is directed to our checkout, where he can choose the preferred payment method.

03. PayU processes the transaction and displays the result in the response page.

04. PayU redirects the customer to your web page (response page) and sends the information of the result to your system via the HTTP GET method.

05. The system will notify the final status of the transaction through a confirmation page using the HTTP POST method. Additionally the system will send you and your customer a confirmation email.

Keep in mind:
  1. The coding of your page should be UTF-8.
  2. You must not enter our Web Checkout using an iframe
  3. You must not mask the URL during the checkout process
  4. Temporarily, do not use security certificates elliptic curve or those who have the suite of encryption TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_RC4_128_SHA on your confirmation page.