Bear in mind: Order management in Shopify
  • All Orders: Every order with a state of "Aproved" (paid in full or partially) and "Pending" (as long as the payer returns to the store after processing the payment in the gateway).
  • Abandoned Checkouts: These are buying processes that fulfill one of the next criteria:
  •      1. Uncompleted checkouts.
         2. Checkouts that have been abandoned during the payment process at the gateway.
         3. Transactions with a "Rejected" state.
         4. Transactions with a "Pending" state as long as the payer DOES NOT return to the store after processing the payment in the gateway:
           4.1. Cash Payments (will always return a "Pending" state).
           4.2. Credit Card payments that are subject to fraud analysis.
        Note: Shopify WILL NOT make any stock reservation whatsoever for any of these two cases.
Configuration of your site:  
01. Enter your Shopify website in the menu settings.
02. The Payments options section the Gateway “PayU Latam”.
03. Configure the credentials of your PayU account. 
Account ID: The identifier provided by PayU for the country where you are selling. You can get it by entering your Administrative Module in the section "Accounts"
API key: Security credential provided by PayU, found in the Administrative Module in the "settings" menu.  
Once you configure the data in your PayU account, you are set and your customers can make payments through the PayU Checkout. They will be able to pay using payment options including cash, credit cards and bank transfers, depending on the country where you are selling.
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04. Disable the validation of unique reference for all states, in order to avoid inconvenients at the moment of processing your payments.
You will find the check in the “Configuration” menu, “Account Configurations” section.
How does a payment work in our Shopify website using PayU:  
01. Your customer selects the product or service he wants to buy and adds it to his shopping cart.
02. Once it is in the cart, your customer enters his payment information and will see the confirmation of the total price, which can include taxes of shipping costs.
03 When he clicks the button “Finish Order” he will be directed to the PayU checkout when he can select the payment method which he wants to use to complete the purchase.
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