Payment coupons

Through the "cash charges" module you can generate payment coupons. These coupons contain the necessary information for your customers to make cash payments as many times as they need at available payment points.

This solution is useful for businesses that need to make collections on a regular basis; for example paying memberships, courses, memberships or catalog and telesales, and more.

You can receive payments without any technical knowledge. You just have to send an email in which your client downloads the coupon and makes the respective payment.
Nota: This functionality is available only for accounts in Argentina through Rapipago and Pago Facil. In Colombia it works with Baloto and Efecty.
To create and query payment coupons you need:  

01. Enter, at the top you will find the
“Ingresa a tu cuenta”,there you will be able to enter your respective username and password, which are supplied via email upon creating your PayU account.

02. From the“Tools” menu enter the “Cash Receipt”. option by clicking on it.

03. In the “Payment coupons” option you will find the steps to generate them. You must select the account to which you're associating your coupons.

04. Enter the information that you want to display on your payment coupons. By default the information that PayU has registered on your account is displayed.

05. In this step of the process, you will enter your customer’s and their coupons data, such as email, customer name and concept of payment; you can also define a payment amount and due date, although the latter two values are not required.

06. Select the “Submit”you will be able to see the created coupons or consult a record of the performed payments.

07. Your customers can make payments as often as they wish with the coupon you have sent, each time a payment is made you will receive an email confirming this and the money will be credited to your PayU account.

01. Can be accessed from the “Reports” menu by clicking on the “Coupons Report” option.

02. You can make a filter for this report by:
• Account: Selects the account with which you will associate your coupons
• Date range of coupon creation: The limit of the query is 3 months.
• Date range of payment coupons: The limit of the query is 3 months.
• Payment number: Refers to the payment number that is generated for each coupon and which is associated with each of the payments each of your customers makes.
• Payment coupon: Each coupon has an associated id, which is in the upper right corner.
• Country: Country of the account to which the coupons are associated.
• Status of the coupon: a list of statuses appears: ENABLED or EXPIRED
• Payer’s Email: Your client’s email, with which you generated a payment coupon.

03. The result of the query is the set of payment coupons that meets the conditions defined in the filters, you will see the detail of the coupon by clicking on the data in the table.

04. Once you select one of the coupons, the details of the associated payments (payment date, value, means of payment, payment status and creation date) will be shown.

The Efecty network processes one payment per day, ie, you cannot make more than one payment per coupon on the same day.