Payment buttons

With this tool you can generate an HTML button that you can insert into your web page.

To receive payments with this solution all you need is an active account in PayU.

With this button, your customers can make payments for products or services with a unique value, such as course payments, donations, temporary promotions, affiliation fees, etc.
With this tool you can:  

01. Go to, At the top, you will find the“Login to Your Account” field, there you can enter your respective username and password, which will have been supplied via email at the time of creation of your PayU account.

modulo administrativo

02. To generate a payment button, you must enter the “User Tools” tab and then on the “Payment Button” option.

Botón de pago

03. Choose “create Payment Button”.

Botón de pago

04. Then describe the product or service you are selling.

botón de pagos

05. The system will generate an HTML code of the button. You must copy this code into your web page.

boton de pago

06. When you paste the HTML code into your web page, your customers will be able to see your chosen button and start shopping online.

boton de pago

01. To view the created buttons you must to enter the “User Tools” tab in the “If you have a website” box, you will find the link to see “Show my created buttons”.

ver botones

02. You can perform a general search or an advanced search filtering by date of creation, the product name associated to the button, or the account from the country you selected to make the sales.

ver botones

03. You can see the payment buttons you created previously with data such as the associated account, currency, or value associated to the button.

ver botones
It is important that you generate a button for each product or service you want to sell on your website.

If you change the button values manually, the system will validate that the data do not correspond to those entered through the Administrative Module, and the sale will not be processed.