Collection cards

Available in Argentina

You will be able to generate collection cards through the “cash collection” module. These cards have the necessary information in order for your clients to be able to make cash payments at the available payment points every time they need to.

Collection cards are plastic cards associated to a PayU account, which have a bar code and / or a reference code printed on them.

This solution is useful for businesses that need to make collections on a regular basis; for example, membership payments, courses, affiliations or telephone and catalog sales, among others.

You can receive payments without any technical knowledge. Deliver them to your customers and they will be free to pay the amount in cash they wish and without any expiration date.

To create and query your collection cards, you must:  

01. Enter and in the upper part you will find the “Login” option, where you will be able to access your administrative module. Fill out your respective user and password, which you received via email after the creation of your PayU account.

modulo administrativo

02. Go to the “User Tools” menu with a click on the “Cash payments” option.

03. In the “Collection cards” option you will find the necessary steps to generate them.

04. Enter the number of cards you want to generate. Then select the design type which you will use and the address to which you want your collection cards to be shipped.

We will calculate the cost of your order depending on the type of design and the quantity that you will generate, it can be debited from your PayU account.

05. Select the “Pay with the balance of your account” option and confirm your purchase.

This order will be debited from your PayU account and you must have an available balance.

01. You have access from the “Reports” menu, clicking on the “Collecting card” option.

02. Search your cards per account, creation date, the number printed on the back of the cards which are associated with each of the payments which each of your customers makes, received payments or status.

03. The result of the query is the set of collection cards that meet the conditions defined in the filters. You can see the detail of the card by clicking on the data in the table.

04. Once you select a card, the details of the associated payments (payment date, value, means of payment, payment status and creation date) will be displayed.